I am making a medieval RP

Im making a medieval fantasy RP called Isla Of Errant its a passion project I been working on with another friend. I want feedback on a castle we made

And which lighting is better


As a role-player who loves medieval games, I think you are off to a great start! However, I think the walls are a bit too plain. Here is a example.

try adding some detail in them. About the lighting, I think option number 2 is better.


The castle looks great! I think i prefer lighting choice 1. I assume you’re going to expand the map?

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Agreed. It could also use some banners and other decorations. The lowpoly style is nice though.

Yeah its going have 3 more castles

Alright will keep in mind ty for the feedback

Got it once I finish the inside

Did you use Atmosphere in any of the photos

There isn’t much to discern from these photos. Any chance of releasing a game to look around? Do you have an interior for the castle keep? Very curious!

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We do have inside here a few


I did have it on so yes I did …