I am making a valorant inspired game and made the first part of the map. Need feed back

Hello! I am a builder trying to build a realstic more mature game on roblox that is based off of Valorant. I built the first map which is located in a desert please give me advice btw ignore the part i am turn it into terrian once its done. Idk what to put in the billboard to as a pic.

btw can you give me a tip on good lighting and give me other ideas to put in my desert map and what kind of terrian is good for it.


The building looks a little low to the ground, maybe try making it a bit taller?

I know but I was planning to do that after I turned the main part into terrian

Here is some info from someone who has played Valorant before, which is useful for creating Valorant-like maps.

  • The maps have broken sightlines and are closed-in.

All the maps tend to box you in without you realizing. Large buildings or walls keep you in playable space while having crates break the sightlines so you don’t seem like you’re in a bunch of hollow boxes and corridors.

  • The maps are clear and concise.

The maps tend to have direct routes to the sites and keep little edges like rooftops, window ledges and such high away from reach. Some crates will be purposely left open for characters such as Jett to fly up or Sage to use her wall to climb up.

  • Lots of choke points and advantage points.

The gun play relies on having open sites that use narrow passageways to enter. It makes the rusher have to dedicate a push in and be coordinated.

Using these points you might want to really think about using a desert as a map. Unless there are going to be props to close in a lot of the area, it wont feel or play like Valorant. Unlike CS:GO which most maps are designed to feel like a real place, Valorant’s maps are tight-cornered strategic layouts on a fictional floating island. If you want to use maps which have open-roads and are deserted desert towns, you may want to replicate the gameplay of a different game. It would also be neat to see how you adapt your maps to fit this style.

Anyhow, best of luck to you, can’t wait to see what you create.


Well I see you played Valorant like before but I was gonna add more stuff into the map.

Here’s the thing about valorant, it’s always closed-ini and action packed, so I suggest making the outer barrier, like the outside walls of the map, before moving detaily inside of the map. It helps with scaling and measuring : D

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Well I am not trying to make the game exactly like Valorant

Well, if it is a Valorant-inspired game, and it doesn’t have the Valorant style to make the Valorant gunplay, it’s not really Valorant inspired. I tried to point out the gameplay quirks and map structure which defines Valorant as Valorant, but you do what you must.

It will be fun nevertheless, so just do what you want to do. :+1:

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Ok great thanks for advice. The gameplay will be similar though