I am Recruiting a Modeler, and a UI designer

Job Recruitment Template

About Us

Hello! I don’t have a group for this, and will make one as soon as people want to work with me. (I will be adding more things to the recruitment post after we get a proper group). And we will be making a remake of @Stickmasterluke “Underground War”. (I know there already is a remake of it.). If y’all don’t like it, I consider changing what we are making.

The Team
@Kamlkaze_Kid - Scripter
@You! - Modeler
@You! - UI

About The Job

You need good communication skills (Doesn’t have to be perfect :slight_smile:) . Also, you must have discord, and is able to work for at least 2-3 hours a day. (Or more) Finally, you have to show me your profile, if you have one, and/or show your work. (You don’t have to be really good.)


NOTE: The only way you are getting paid is if you contribute a lot in the game, and we will discuss payment in discord. I will either pay you through group funds or gamepasses. (You make a gamepass that is equal to the amount I owe you, and I buy it).

Contact Me

You can contact me on discord: Kamikaze_Kid#4133
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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If you have further question, please ask them below.

Later I’ll probably hire a GFX artist.

He was interested, but how does he guarantee that they would pay us?

Like I said, I don’t have a proper group, so if we make money of the game, (by then we would have a group) I will split it between the devs. Also, I’m the only one so far.

So you’re paying in percentages ?

Yes, I am. (30 charsssssssssss)

Are you interested??? (30 charss)



(Unless you can make robux or USD appear in your hands, then i’d like to apply for modeler)

How good are you at modeling? Do you have a profile?

I guess you meant portfolio. Then yes

Wow your skills are quite good.

Thank ! But compliments won’t make a pay appear

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