I am working on a survival horror game, and i wanted to know how the safezone gate looks so far

I am trying to make a horror game on roblox and try to keep a balance between perfomance and visuals, so i wanted to know how it looks so far and what should i change/add in the scene.

I am trying to give it a vibe similar to those half life 2 and gmod maps but with a darker tone so it can be a bit more “spooky”, and th egate is suppossed to be built with common building materials like cement, bricks, wood and steel, basically stuff you could find in a construction site
(Also i forgot to mention i will apply PBR textures on most props you see in the pictures, but i am waiting for it to come out of beta)


Looks amazing!!! Keep it up. I’d play with the lighting, script the game and more.


how did you make the lighting on the fourth image?


Just a quick question, how did you get the smoke from the generator? If there is any (am i crazy?) if you used a particle emmiter then what texture did you use? Props to you man!



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It’s a combination between roblox’s default smoke and then a custom one i found. I changed their speed and spread so it will look like its being affected by wind and that is how i managed to make the smoke

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wow, ok thanks! I have alot of experimenting to do lol :smiley:

I’ve been wondering how to do this for a while and haven’t found anyone really talking about it.
How do you create this beam of light?



Feels like I’m going to get shanked just looking at it. The Gmod maps were spooky enough. In these areas, I think you should have ambient lighting more frequently, to signifify via moods to indicate that this is safe. A player would, subconsciously or consciously, think that it was safer than not being there. Safe areas should feel safe.

It was quite hard to find out how to make it too but easy to implement lol. I used beams for the light rays and then used a particle emiter for the dots. After that i included a billboard UI to some other invisible parts and included a lens flare image on it. I cannot say all the details about it because i dont really remember where i bought the decals nor exactly what i tweaked to make it work because im on mobile lol. Hope what i said was helpful enough and hopefully people like you can start expirementing with new stuff to bring astounding visuals haha

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Fair i would feel the same if i saw it lol. Do you think fairy lights around it and some banners with the area’s name could help making it feel more “welcome-ish”? I will also put guard npcs on the front and top area of the gate too

Based off the looks of this image it seams the monster is what shapes the environment. Knowing the monster & enemy would be of great use.

It will be mostly infected people, aka zombies, which will be walking slowlly, but are deadly when getting scratched/pucnhed, and then if you are too close they can grab you and attempt to bite you, but you can react back and shove them in a quick time event. The rest are gonna be special infected, like the mushers. Mushers will be a type of zombies where their legs and arms are melted into a jelly form to stick and walk on wallks and ceilings, and then there is the lurker that hides in dark spots ready to launch at the player. After that, we do not plan on making something really unrealistic like a shape-shifting monster, but instead work on enemies that can be biologically possible-ish.