I animated anim with sword but in game sword won't move

I made sword walk anim using same model, but if I add sword and motor6d in game, sword doesn’t move (won’t change angle and position that I animated)

here’s what it looks like



Can you walk us through the rigging process? How did you do it? What plugin did you use?

Also on a smaller note:

It’s pretty hard to see what’s wrong with it with your camera constantly shifting. It’s akin to trying to show someone a meme, and your hand is just shaking uncontrollably.

animated using moon animator plugin,
also both character is standard r6 rig

not this yes this

you can see sword should be held with two hands, but it’s piercing my head

It’s something wrong with the rig. As I already asked:

for r6 dummy: using weld plugin, attatched grip and left hand
for character: using script, added motor6d, set part0 and part1, set C0 for position

It matters if you have animated the sword or not.