I believe recent updates to animations have caused the animations for my fight scene to mess up

I hope this fits here in the Scripting category. I have this fight scene that I finished about 3 months ago and it was created through a combination of scripting and animating, but I believe this issue has more to do with animations. Anywho…

I understand about a month ago, there were changes to how animations work. Stuff such as :LoadAnimation() (which my fight scene makes heavy use of) are now deprecated and people have been reporting problems with their animations, almost as if they’re corrupted.

The last time I checked my fight scene for bugs was at most two weeks ago and today I checked it out on both mobile and PC and saw the same issues. It seems as if animations where the HumanoidRootPart is moved some distance away from the origin position now move too far or too little. This causes the characters in my scene to clip through walls and floors, not show up in camera angles, and basically just ruin the scene.

Below are excerpts from my scene to highlight these issues:

Before: Working perfectly (apologies for the quality)

After: As of today

I have not changed anything about the animations nor my scripts since I finished my fight scene 3 months ago. I’m pretty certain this is happening due to the recent updates. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? And if so, are they going to be fixed or am I just gonna have to rework my entire fight scene? :neutral_face:

Your animations shouldn’t be broken as a result of LoadAnimator being deprecated; this is only a tag related to the meta and has nothing to do with its actual functionality. Additionally, those calls as mentioned in the announcement were really only convenient redirects to the Animator object.

This may be related to internal changes being performed on animations. Consider posting your circumstances to the bug report. You may be able to get a response regarding why this is occurring, or a follow up to check in on the place that this is a result of internal changes and not your own doing.

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