I Built a New Mech Thing

I just randomly build mechs when I get bored. Here’s my last mech: http://devforum.roblox.com/t/mech-build-speed-build/18589

New Mech Specs:

  • 705 parts
  • CSG used for visors only.
  • It took me like 3.30 hours, I think, which is like twice as long as my last build.
  • Yes, the cockpit can actually fit a player inside.

I guess it’s not really finished since I haven’t properly built the arms or made an actual weapon, so it has a placeholder at the moment.

Development process (Speed Builds):


More Images: ![](upload://3HXf9PtNJsMnoH7V0h7MLnknmmv.png)


That looks like something from Exoforce? Oh what was that Lego series called… The anime themed human vs machines mech stuff… Oh good memories.

Good job.

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Duality is a weird choice for Robot building music. It’s a good thing I like that song. Mech looks freakin’ sweet.

Off-topic: If this is the kind of music you like I suggest checking out Soilwork.


funny that you made a mech, seeing as i just made one irl :^ )

more on-topic, cool stuff! mechs are the kinda thing i’ve always wished i could build : (


I don’t base my builds off of anything specifically. It’s usually at least like 4 different sources mashed together, that’s if I do want to base it off something.

For this mech I just looked up pictures of mechs and used one source to help make the feet different but everything else was just randomly put together in the hope it’d look like a mech in the end :slight_smile: