I can’t search for my game on tablet

My game is called inferno.

I searched it a long time ago and I ranked very low.

When searching on tablet, no results are found. Why is this?

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doesn’t matter what device you search on, if its low ranking it wont show on any devices.

funny thing is, it actually doesnt show any results on web either.

My game is fairly active. I get some active players every day and I have 2.3k visits.

I tried using quotes on both website and app, no results.

Whoops, the game’s title is actually “Inferno!” with an exclamation.

From my Continue:

I could search the game a while back, haven’t tried recently.
I think the search alg has recently changed, searching another game of mine with a unique name (orbmageddon) brought it and only it up, not it brings other stuff up and orbmageddon is buried.