I can see Gui's but friend doesn't


First of all… I am not sure, which gategory this problem belongs and now here’s the problem:
I shared my game with my friend who just downloaded roblox studio. I used “collaborate” and gave my friend access to my game and he can now edit in my game. We both tested the game by pressing “Play” button in studio. When I joined, game worked as I wanted. Gui’s are visible, codes are working and so on. However, when my joined, he was stucking in my created loading screen which has image of my logo, loading bar which loads all values that you need in the game. Loading screen should disappear and destroy itself when all values are loaded. Well… because loading screen was stuck, I disabled it and after that, all my friend’s imagebuttons didn’t do anything. They should make Gui’s visible. We both don’t know, why this happens. Can you help us??

My friend’s view:

and mine view:


Can you please help me? Likes does not help me…

This is a scripting problem, move this topic to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.
Make sure to check that you are running the scripts on the client and not for just one player, and look out for any errors (probably unlikely). Without some of the code we won’t be able to help you further from here.

I made copy of this topic. We can now talk here:

What kind of codes would you like to see??? Loading screen for example? Do not answer here.