I Can Send Blank Messages


Repro steps:

  1. Start to send a message
  2. Put a space in the subject and body
  3. It sends

I assume this is a bug as putting nothing gives me an error saying the body can’t be empty.


Useful for when you have nothing to say but want someone to know you have nothing to say.


My thoughts:


Bumping this because it is still a bug. Sending blank messages don’t really make much sense other than just intentionally just flooding someone’s inbox.


Roblox could simply not have a filter for what specifically has to be IN the message.

While lots of other sites have requirements that you have to put at least one character into a message, ROBLOX probably just doesn’t have those kinds of requirements instilled.


Roblox does have a check if the length of the message is greater than 0, but it doesn’t check if any of the characters aren’t spaces.


My game has a feedback webhook and I had this issue. I had simply forgotten to check if it was blank😅

All I had to do was a string.find(msg, “%w”) to ensure that there was at least some alphanumeric character in there.

Now instead of blanks, I get “kagahFek Vrinag7egbdka dksgdbks r of”