I cannot contact Roblox Education

I have been unable to contact Roblox Education through their email, education@roblox.com, for questions about re-submitting my experience to the Learn and Explore sort.

I have tried contacting @budgetFox on the DevForum, but I have still been unsuccessful in reaching out to Roblox Education.

After asking other developers on the Learn Explore sort, I was told that I could only contact Roblox Education via education@roblox.com. I still wanted to make sure I did not miss any information.

I think that my emails are either blocked or not going through.

Does anyone know of alternative ways to contact Roblox Education?

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I dont think ROBLOX checks their emails if you email them directly. They just ghost you no matter the email address. Just contact them via ROBLOX Support

I was successful at contacting education@roblox.com in the past, but it appears that I am now unable to contact them.

To be honest i also have tried contacting roblox in the past few weeks but i was unable aswell a lot of roblox socials have recently going silent it seems like to me.

This has been for the past few months for me, but I’ve been successful in the past. I’ll see if I can contact them using a different email.

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