I can't add a game I worked on the Talent Hub

Hello developers,

I have encountered an error which I can’t seem to find a fix too. On the Talent Hub I can’t add any games that I have made on my Group. I do want to state that I my account doesn’t own the group, but I have worked on games on that group. Now some of you may be thinking

“Did you try the experience ID and not the ID on the Roblox page?”

Yes I have tried all the ID’s that I could find, and yet I keep getting the same error:

Failed to Add Experience
Ensure that the Experience ID is valid.

If anyone can help me that would be great!

(Taken from the Talent Hub)

I have read that, and I did try…

  1. Copy URL

  2. Copy Universe ID

  3. Copy Start Place ID

  4. Copying the ID on the creator page.

Which I tried all those in my video.

Am I missing one?

So, I think I found out why it wasn’t working. My group has a creator page, and I didn’t have my new games on it yet. I added them and it worked!

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