I can't commit scripts..?

I know that you need to “commit” a script before publishing the game in order to actually publish the script. However, I can’t find the window called “Drafts” used for committing the scripts.
It shows this when publishing the game:

I cannot find the place for committing the scripts:

Help would be appreciated!

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You only need to commit a script when you have enabled Team Create. You don’t need to have that enabled if you are working alone.

I have enabled team create, it is a group project.

I believe that they have removed the draft window. Instead, just close the tab that has the script (or right click it and press apply). That should commit it!

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The place that I can’t commit scripts ( can’t find the draft window ) is a Place inside a game. If it’s the game itself, I can commit scripts and see the draft window.

Just go to Game Settings, then Options and then turn of ‘Enable Collaborative Editing’

I already enabled collaborative editing

Oh. In that case, whenever you are in a script, click the “Script Editor” page in the top menu bar. It should have a button there that allows you to commit the scripts.

Might have a similiar issue right now, however I’m trying to commit 5000 scripts.