I can't continue to animate with this bug/issue

Roblox Studios latest update has pretty much made it impossible for me to continue animating.
I’m not even sure if this should be classified as a bug, but I honestly need help.

Before this update, when I would export a Roblox model into 3ds max (my animating program) it would import without textures, which i was fine with, I didnt really care about having textures too much. As you can see in this screenshot behind the character, the walls/floors/model has no textures. It’s just plain. I didn’t mind this at all. http://prntscr.com/gd23nt

But now they have made this update that now everytime I export a roblox model into 3ds max it comes with the textures.
This update should be a good thing
however i literally can’t animate anything with it
And this is what I mean:
This is a screenshot of a scene I rendered BEFORE the update http://prntscr.com/gd1z09

This is a screenshot of that same scene after the update, and after reimporting the SAME house model: https://prntscr.com/gd1wu6

Where there should be textures, is just transparency
And there isn’t a way in 3DS Max for me to change that
Ive searched everywhere.
There is an option in 3ds max for me to individually correct a materials opacity, however with a model with hundreds of different bricks and parts, it’d take me hours upon hours.
I can’t find a solution

I’m considering installing an older version of Roblox Studio to bypass this, but I was hoping one of you may have an alternative. Or perhaps there is a way to stop Roblox Studio from exporting textures a long with it’s models?
Please, let me know.
I’m desperate.


I’m a bit confused on what the issue is, it sounds more like a bug with your workflow rather than within Roblox. Have you tried simply deleting the texture files and .mtl file that accompany your .obj? I haven’t tested what this will do to an export, but it’s worth trying.

Another reason this could be happening (which could actually be a robloxbug) is that you may have Transparency in your place which for some reason reads incorrectly in 3DS Max. Try making all objects Transparency 0 in Roblox studio first before exporting.

Hope this helps.

Can you attach an example scene where you are facing this issue, as well as indicate whether the screenshot in 3dsmax you’ve posted is from the viewport or from 3dsmax render output?

Sure thing,

I can’t actually send the 3DS Max file as .max files aren’t allowed on this site,
Unless you were asking for another scene in which i’m facing the same issue?

Here is the rendered scene before the Roblox Studio update

And here is the same scene after the Roblox Studio update, and the same house model reimported into the scene

Let me know if you need to see anything else

You’ll have to upload to dropbox/Google Drive and send the link instead.

@Nightgaladeld another instance of where we need more uploadable file types.

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Can you upload a zip file with obj+png+mtl data after obj export?

Heres the scenes .zip file
I removed my rigs because obviously they’re private


That “noise” looks like the 3ds Max global light solver not having enough samples. If you let it render for longer, it will likely improve the noise.
I have no good idea for why rendering with textures would cause that change – maybe Max has some optimization for un-textured surfaces?

If that is in fact the case, then here are some possible work-arounds I can think of:
You could try changing to another preview renderer in Max, like the Scanline or one of the NVIDIA ones (if you have an NVIDIA graphics card) and see if it improves?
I don’t have Max on my machine, but I think there’s also a “render without textures” option (“clay model” style) – but that would give you no colors at all, which I don’t know if it’s OK for you or not.

Another thing in that scene – the house looks different after re-import. The door in the back is missing, and the wall corner that screens the next room is missing, too. Is that a modeling change you made, or does Max no longer import it?
What happens if you remove the “.mtl” files after export from Roblox but before import into 3ds Max?

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The noise is just the beginning of the render, it takes a while to fully smoothen out,
Unfortunately I can’t use another renderer for my animations,

And the house looks different because the texture for both the walls and door are either completely transparent or partially transparent,

And that .mtl idea sounds promising, i’ll give it a quick try

Hi KCreate,

Sorry to hear that. I’m one of the artists on the team.

Can you take a screen shot of your material nodes? I want to see if 3DSMax is seeing a change in the alphas of the textures, since the update, and rendering some things full transparent. I would also suggest checking the normals of your meshes to see if they’ve flipped and are rendering the backface (thus not showing up).

Screen shots of the material attributes of all the objects that are invisible would be good.

I want to eliminate textures/material changes from this issue before we investigate the updated obj exporter.