I can't edit the text in a TextBox

I’ve been working on a “check a user’s join date” game, and came across a problem. Could someone please help me?
image This is what’s parented to it…

image This is what it’s parented to.
I’m spamming the mouse button and I still can’t type anything, neither can I select the box ;-;

SurfaceGUIs (or just any other sort of interactive GUIs) needs to be in the playerGUI to work.
Place the gui into startergui and set its adornee to the part.


There’s one problem though…
The script doesn’t detect the changes made to the text in the textbox.
This is what happens when I print the text. It just says "" and nothing else, and that breaks my script.

What exactly is the script supposed to do?
If I recall correctly, changes to the textbox aren’t picked up by the server as modifications are purely client sided.
In this case why not use a local script parented to starter character scripts.

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The script can’t be local though, if it would be, I would run into problems…

Yeah okay but why?
What does the script do?
Could you post the script?

Maybe a RemoteEvent would work?

It gets user information using the users API, then it gets the info and changes it so that “Account Age (days): x” gets displayed in one TextLabel and the other TextLabel is for the JoinDate.

local players = game:GetService("Players")

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")

local UName = script.Parent.VUsername

local ID = script.Parent.UserID

local Photo = script.Parent.Photo

local TextBoxes = {script.Parent.Username, script.Parent.Age, script.Parent.JoinDate}

local Confirm = script.Parent.Confirm




ID.Value = players:GetUserIdFromNameAsync(script.Parent.UsernameTB.Text)


local Data = http:GetAsync("https://users.rprxy.xyz/v1/users/"..ID.Value)

Data = http:JSONDecode(Data)

Data = Data.created

local createdTime = DateTime.fromIsoDate(Data).UnixTimestamp

local currentTime = DateTime.now().UnixTimestamp

local accountAgeDays = (currentTime - createdTime)/86400

local joinTime = os.time() - (math.floor(accountAgeDays)*86400)

local joinDate = os.date("!*t", joinTime)

joinDate = "Join Date: "..tostring(joinDate.day).."/"..tostring(joinDate.month).."/"..tostring(joinDate.year)


Photo.Image = game.Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync(ID.Value,Enum.ThumbnailType.HeadShot,Enum.ThumbnailSize.Size420x420)

TextBoxes[1].Text = UName.Value



TextBoxes[2].Text = "Account Age: "..math.floor(accountAgeDays).." days."

TextBoxes[3].Text = joinDate


It does some other things too but they don’t really matter in this occasion.

In this case you could just fire a remote event whenever player presses confirm and pass the needed information across to the server (e.g, username).
In future, you should indent your code to make it more readable.

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