I cant export CFrame Animation In Moon Animator

Hi there. I am GODPOTATO.
This time I want to animate the Part of CFrame and Color in Moon Animator.
But when I export this animation It says No Items in the current Animation are exportable
How can I fix and Export this animation or How can I export animation CFrame in Moon Animator?

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Do you use any Motor6D? I thinks that’s the problem i think

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Last time i checked, animations like this can only be used in cutscenes from the plugin eg: Making a yt video. These are not proper animations this is just keyframing parts. To Export you much either have a camera or working rig/humanoid. If you need to use this in game, i recommend just scripting it


What is Motor6D? I never hear that.

Oh ok Let me script that animation.

Solution this post if this solved your issue!

I think its just like rig but its for blocks. Also very helpful for making multi-part tool (i tried it)