I cant fix the output

Whenever I test play the my game, I check the output and I see both of these warnings:

01:18:56.301 - Infinite yield possible on ‘RobloxReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“CanChatWith”)’

01:18:56.352 - Infinite yield possible on ‘RobloxReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“NewPlayerCanManageDetails”)’

How would I remove or fix it? It gets on my nerves when this happens. Is this a problem on Roblox’s end?

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RobloxReplicatedStorage sounds like an internal service. There’s likely nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.


Try adding a timeout to your :WaitForChild(), it’s the second parameter and can be any number. E.g. :WaitForChild(“Thing”, 5)

That is not an option. That infinite yield is from the CoreScripts, and there is nothing you can do about that as it’s a CoreScripts.

Ahh, I see now. I wouldn’t know how to solve this issue, apologies!