I can't go up stairs!

Whenever I go up the escalator stairs in my game, some invisible part is blocking me.
However, when I check in Studio, there is no invisible part or union blocking me.
What is the problem? This is annoying me.
Any feedback will be appreciated!
Here is a picture of when I stop going up the stairs:

Pictures needed… Please say more as well. How does the escalator work?

It seems you might’ve encountered a union problem, before, yes? Well, if you did, and forgot to update your newest game, well you should try. Sometimes, people forget to update their game, when in Roblox Studio.

The escalator is disabled, because the subway I am making is abandoned.
It works like regular stairs.

Did you union bricks anywhere? Unions are at times quite imprecise depending on the way you use them and may result in invisible spots blocking movement.

I do have have Union parts, but all the union parts have CanCollide off.

It’s one of the unions that’s causing the issue, you can either modify the build or go through each union that’s near the blocking point. For example. if the stairs have cancollide off than try a different union that isn’t directly connected to the stairs.

As for why it does this… I have absolutely no idea.

In a pipe mockup of mine I spent 10-15 minutes trying to identify which union was causing the problem. After I discovered the cause, I was even more confused than I was originally.

Maybe I’m just blind yet I cannot manage to identify a pattern to discover how to prevent this from reoccurring in the future. Messing around with the collision fidelity or further distancing unions apart is the closest solution I’ve found if you would prefer to not modify the original build.

The problem probably is an model,due to objects group by models,an square is sort of “built”(It may not be it for sure,but it doesnt cost try.)

While playing in Studio Test mode walk up to the Part then click on your Studio Select or Move tool and go back to the Studio window and click on the area your player is contacting. It should register in your Explorer window as to what Part or Union you are touching.