I can't import a mesh into studio

Hello developers, I was wondering if you could help me figure out why I can’t import a mesh I made in blender into studio, and how to fix it:

I’ve followed the instructions on the devhub exactly and yet when I try to bulk import, the process just gets stuck and seemingly stops, and then the progress window disappears.

Here is an image of the issue.

Please help! Thank you.

Edit: I think there is something wrong with my account and the way games and assets are handled on it. Sometimes I open studio and it says I have no games, is something like this happening with the asset manager too?


can someone please help me ive been trying to fix this for hours

42 views and no comments wow thanks guys


I personally haven’t had issues with the bulk import but If you aren’t Importing FBX and instead OBJ then you can insert a mesh part and upload it by that. Other than that for bulk Import it could either be your studio or something you did on your side. Try reinstalling studio, Relaunching studio, or restarting your computer.

it wont let me upload obj to the meshpart

a normal mesh part,
export your mesh from blender as FBX, get the file you just exported and press open… its not that hard…

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in case you haven’t noticed this DOES NOT WORK

Just curious, is there anything erroring in the Output window when you try to import?