I can't insert clothes ID for rig

When i add a clothing element to my rig and click on the line ShirtTemplate roblox studio prompts me to select a file from my device
script.Parent.ShirtTemplate = ‘rbxassetid://1431276681’
I tried to fix it with this script under clothes object but to no avail
Please help me

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Why not just choose the template from files?
Usually it doesn’t pop up when I click on the empty space.

for this, I must have the layout of the clothes that I want to add in the files, but thanks for the responsiveness

works fine for me. Is your Studio updated? also, try pasting just the numbers of the asset id.
(Worst comes to worst I think you can download textures and stuff using the BTRoblox web extension. )


Thanks, the problem has already been solved somehow by itself, maybe then it was just a bug, but I will mark your answer as a solution

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