I cant log in - login failed, please try again later

I have personally contacted Roblox Support, and they have sent me steps on how to supposedly fix it, and have also said that this has been happening to a lot of developers. Though it is also still bugging even after following those.

If I get a working response, Ill make sure to post it here though.

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Could you share what was sent? Also could you try my solution to see if it works

They have send me that this is a common issue amongst developers and that the steps below have worked for some:

General Roblox Studio Issues

And in there (from what I understand) for macOs you only can really reinstall studio which I tried.

Also, I can’t really install the mod manager, as I am running macOs and .exe files don’t exist.

Definitely time consuming, but it works. :pray:

Yea i have the same issue, tried reinstalling multiple times didn’t work. Might be a bug on mac but not sure. Very annoying cant develop anything hopefully fix soon

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thank you, this worked for me :pray: :pray: :pray: I’ve been having this for a while

This is really annoying. Anytime my computer is untouched for a few hours, studio completely bugs out. It becomes stuck on “logging in”. Reinstalling and ending the application via task manager are ineffective. I am forced to reboot my computer every time.

Just gonna reply for the sake of replying, but it seems like the Wednesday update fixed this issue, at least for me.

Hopefully we don’t encounter this issue again in the future

That happens to me also. I already messaged the Roblox support and they said like 3 days ago that they are aware of this issue and are working on it!