I cant log in - login failed, please try again later

Everytime I try loggin in, I get this warning

It appears after I enter my auth code, or try logging in with my brower.

I’ve tried reinstalling Roblox, deleting everything in App Data, and nothing has worked.

It was working fine this morning, then I opened a new instance of studio, and it suddenly logged me out and wouldn’t let me log back in.

It works fine on my Mac Laptop, but I work from my windows 11 PC


Was there any error codes involved with this?

No, but its working now! Thanks for responding!

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Facing the same issue right now

Nevermind, my account just got a warn because i uploaded an orc that had a naked belly… ok.

Thanks for the report! Do you still encounter this issue?

No, it resolved after a few hours

This is happen again this morning @thirdtakeonit

I can log in to the website fine, but studio keeps saying login failed

Launching Roblox studio as an admin worked tho

Launching as an admin is no longer fixing the issue for me…