I can't play my own roblox game

Hello, I am making with my friend an SCPF game and well. Everything was working successfully until one update.
In the update we added court room and also remaked Medical Bay… After updating the game I’m stuck on connecting screen, It just freezes and looks like that…
Someone had the same problem but it’s not about roblox issues I guess, I don’t know if it’s because of many parts we have…
Edit : Apologies if it’s wrong section.

It’s probably your PC is crashing or that its your internet connection

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I don’t have that bad laptop and I could load it without problems, It’s just one update with 2 new rooms. And also I have decent internet.

Hmmm try reinstalling Roblox and see if it helps

Well… It didn’t help to be honest… Still stuck.

Ask a friend to play the game, if they are fine while playing it you know its your computers fault.
If they crash aswell there is a virus. (or a while true do without an wait)

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As stick man said, ask someone to play the game. If they also can’t load in, there must be some sort of virus, or issue. If not, then your device is most likely having an issue.