I can't playtest in a lot of cases. Viewport title growing very large. "bad allocation" error

I haven’t had anything like this happening before. I am getting “bad allocation” error in my console, and the viewport/title continues to grow larger with every play test. Of course, that assumes the play test was successful, but a large percent of the time, it just fails, returning “bad allocation” in my console.

If I persist enough times though, usually within two or three attempts, the playtest will finally work.

Why has this just started happening for me, my hardware hasn’t changed, there is plenty of memory, and the place is not very large? Any help appreciated.
The bad allocation error posts by itself, with no context:
See the window title, or viewport title, or console. That name is enormous.


the same error started to appear such an error from yesterday

I also got this error yesterday i don’t if the problem is my game or my pc