I can't see my own bookmarks if I'll try use search with smth that have ":"

Today I tried find 1 of my bookmarks, using search option. After I typed what I want find (that bookmark don’t exist sadly), I received warning, which tells me that I can’t see this user’s bookmarks. So I can’t see my bookmarks.

When this start happen: today, I don’t tried search smth in my bookmarks before.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to your bookmarks page.
  2. Try type in search “CFrame:FromMatrix”, or smth that have “:”.
  3. Receive warning.

Important - if you type smth without “:”, everything will be Ok.

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I cannot reproduce these steps.

Also unable to reproduce.

I am able to reproduce this issue.

It looks like you haven’t searched anything with a “:”.