I can't seem to resize models correctly

I am trying to make a tool, that makes objects smaller, which its doing what its supposed to do so far, except for the fact everything loses its rotation and original position.

Here is what’s happening:

I have tried searching the internet on how to resize models with scripts, and found a thread on dev forums which shows how to do so, everything works in that script except the rotation gets messed up.

function ConstructionTool:CreateLoop(PlayerTable)
	--Destroy welds
	for _,object in pairs(PlayerTable.Item:GetDescendants()) do
		if object:IsA('Weld') or object:IsA('ManualWeld') or object:IsA('WeldConstraint') then
			object.Part0.Anchored = true
			object.Part1.Anchored = true
		elseif object:IsA("CFrameValue") then
	-- resizing [MAIN]
	return RunService.Heartbeat:Connect(function()
		--Scale BaseParts
		for _,object in pairs(PlayerTable.Item:GetDescendants()) do
			if object:IsA('BasePart') then	
				object.Size = object.Size*0.999

				local distance = (object.Position - PlayerTable.Item.PrimaryPart.CFrame.p)
				local rotation = (object.CFrame - object.Position)
				object.CFrame = (CFrame.new(PlayerTable.Item.PrimaryPart.CFrame.p + distance*0.999) * rotation)

I might be missing something, but have you tried doing just local rotation = object.Orientation?

I am multiplying rotation with cframe, I can’t multiply vector3 with cframe.

Oh yeah, that’s true, maybe using CFrame.Angles(object.Orientation.X, object.Orientation.Y, object.Orientation.Z) would be a good way to keep the Rotation?

I am pretty sure thats the same thing, plus I would have to use math.rad, which I think will be a big pain, but I will go give it a try. I am like 70% sure that Cframe - position is the same.

Yea I just tried it, and its literly the same thing.

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Have you tried doing it like this?

local oldSize = object.Size
local newSize = oldSize*0.999
object.Size = newSize
object.Position = object.Position - Vector3.new(0, (oldSize.Y - newSize.Y) / 2, 0)

I have tried scaling parts in studio using the default scaling tool while holding shift and found out that this might work well.

It works well on single part when executed from command line. https://gyazo.com/4d2c7eddb9824039823aebcabb602ca0

Doesn’t seem to work on a model, with meshes and parts.

I recommend using TweenService. Because TweenService consume less resources and make the code easier to read.

I hope you realize what you are saying, is not related to my topic at all, you are asking me to use tween service when I am asking how to resize model, not parts.

Bruh. You are haven’t seen my post?

TweenService can also resize parts and Tween models.

hmm okay, I am currently reading the post.