I can't test my purchase because TeleportService not working in Studio

Hello yall, my friend came with problem, he wants to make a developer product with which you can get your own private server, but there’s a thing. You can’t generate Reserve Server code while in studio, and in same time, he doesn’t have robux to test product outside of studio (either don’t want to lose 30% of fee) so how to test purchase for free in studio and get reserve server code too?

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You could either set the price for 1 Robux temporarily or you could just test it without the purchase. Basically change it so you don’t need to buy anything to reserve the server until you’re done testing.


Oh. Huh. You can buy your own product, apparently.

50 Robux well spent.

Anyway, like the person above said, you can just bypass the need to purchase anything temporarily.

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