I cant think Unique or creative for my game concept (Actually I dont have enough hope for game programming)

I want find good idea and something eligable for roblox game algorithm but I have some problems:

  • Low budget(500 robux only) to advertise my game
  • I cant think a creative concept for my game
  • I dont solve the roblox’s game algorithm to make eligable games
  • My game icons looks like garbage

Theese problems just blocks me to make small game with 10 or 20 active player and I cant climb the steps of the roblox dev
I tried:

  • I wait some time for my game making motivation come back (Never happened)
  • Practice some skills (Succesful but still 0 good games)
  • Try raise some robux (Unsuccesful) for good game advertising
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You probably should not be expecting your games to take off, and rather try to find enjoyable ways of making games

Yeah I mean that lol how I can do that?

Well if I were you, I would just take a step back and stop being so stress or chasing the “ideas”, trust me the more you tried the worse it gets, especially when it comes to creativity process of things. Learn to let go, letting go is not giving up but it’s a big step forward an endeavour. I don’t think it is worth it to advertise 500 robux, you better off saving it up when you have more robux

PLS Donate

Go outside (thats where I get ideas).

Blame Roblox.

Show me some of them and I′ll try to give you some hints.

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