I can't upload audios in any way to roblox (Asset manager gives error 500 and Website gives error 403 or 400.)

Since yesterday, for an unknown reason, I can’t seem to upload audios to roblox under any way.
Is this happening to anyone else, or am I doing something wrong?

Asset Manager:


Someone just posted a temporary fix for this problem, I recommend trying it.

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What specific file type does the audio file you are attempting to upload have?

I’m trying to upload a regular mp3! It’s not copyrighted or anything. This is the file, but it doesnt work with any other file…

Alright, I’ll try it out and see what happens. Thanks!

Can you double check that the file isn’t corrupt?
It is on my end when downloading from from the forum CDN.

The set of audios I was given seems to have corrupted from it playing on Discord to it downloading onto my PC. Audio uploading works now after I told them to send me the audios again… Sorry for not checking from windows itself :sweat:

Glad the issue has been resolved, have a nice day.

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I’m having this problem, how did you fix it? How do you also check if files are corrupted?

Just try to play them in the Windows audio player app and see if it even plays. For me, it spat a weird error.

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