I can't upload roblox clothing

Hello There,

I am a Builder, Modeler, Scripter, Icon Designer and a Clothing designer,
I am having some problems with the clothing, I started yesterday and it says me that it had one problem and asked me: Did you use a Template?
I am a youtuber and I recorded how I made the shirt with Ibis Paint X (Phone) and it is made very good…


8_sin_titulo_20200422093721 6 sin título_20200422093038

Could someone help me?

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Your using the old templates. You can get the new ones from the create tabs.


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So I need to make it all again?! It took me 1 hour and 39 minutes,…

U should just be able to overlay it onto the new template.

Well, I am on computer right now so it will be faster

You could probably just resize the image in paint, re-upload, and you would be fine.

I wouldn’t recommend using phone apps to make clothing though because phones usually compress photos to save storage, so it was likely that you image on your phone is much smaller than the template’s size.

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I face this problem too. I tried multiple times after a lots of tries to resize - but didnt work. Still it says, “Did you use the correct template?”

Used to be frustrated with this when I started making clothing. It is because your template is not the right size. Your template MUST be 585 x 559 in a .PNG format. No other sizes will be taken. I suggest using Paint.Net and create a separate layer for your design and one solely for the template and that must be at the very top at all times. As well as the boxes must be transparent.
This info could also help you as well, @Techyfied

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