I composed some music and I'd like some feedback

Hello, I have composed a bit of music, and I’d like some of your feedback:

I would like to know if I should try avoiding repetition(the same melody is happening 4 times). I’m trying to compose music for a game, so I think I should avoid repetition since people will probably hear it more than 5 or 10 times but I’m not exactly sure if I should still avoid it.

I think that adding an entirely different melody would make it feel a bit strange, but I’d like to know what you think about this.


After listening to this a few times, I have two suggestions you could apply:

  • The track itself feels a bit short, maybe add some more and lengthen it.
  • I do agree the repetition of the melody gets a bit boring after a while, especially with a very short track duration. Change it up a bit after a while, like with songs that have verse/pre-chorus/chorus and etc.

Other than that, it sounds great!


Thank you for the response! I’ll try doing that and see what happens.


I do suppose it is a little short, but I don’t notice any repetition at all. In a game setting, you usually want the longer tracks because you want the user to forget a little bit of the track when it replays so it doesn’t become dull. If being shuffled with other tracks in game, probably not even noticeable. I love the track a lot. I might even add it to my development jam!

Great work!


I do notice that I get less bored of music that lasts longer than normal, if it’s longer than 5 minutes then it takes me a lot more time to memorize all the little details of it.


@chasedig1 @theplushedguy3 Here’s the new track:

Tell me if there’s anything I can improve on!


I can barely hear your hi hat from :00 to :09. When everything comes in, you don’t expect it. Add a fill or a riser. You can even turn your cymbal into a riser. The snare is a bit too hot. Turn it down a little. (Musicians use the trend hot and cold when we do something like sound checking). Same with :18. I’d add 2 snares hitting eighth notes at the end as a drum fill. The bells are a little too loud. :35 is where you definitely need indication of a new part. The guitar also gets boring. It keeps playing constantly. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your feedback! I made a few adjustments to it, again if there’s anything I can improve please tell me!

Also I couldn’t really understand the hot/cold thing, since the only results that showed up when I googled hot/cold snare were some kind of throat surgery things.

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Very nice. Would sound good in a game lobby or something.

Hot = too loud
Cold = too low

Ya yeet

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It sounds amazing! It’s the sort of music that would go with like a nice night by a fire in winter. :+1:

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The new track sounds much better than before, outstanding job! :smiley:

A slight critique I would like to be resolved is that the instruments sound unbalanced. For example, the rhythm (drums) sound a little too quiet than the harmonies and melodies. Try balancing the instruments out to make the track sound more…whole, for lack of better terms.

You are doing amazing in your field of work. Keep it up, Vectors!