I created a new Difficulty Chart Obby



No where in the original post does it ask for feedback. I would suggest you put this in the cool creations category unless you make the necessary changes.

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I have some things about this game that I saw.

  1. Why is the brightness of the checkpoints so high? I legit almost died and burned my eyes at the same time looking at them
  2. This wasn’t that hard. A difficult obby is supposed to progress in difficulty. This was pretty easy and took me no less than 10 minutes to beat
  3. Free models?? This entire game I think was created just from free models. Games do not appeal to players if everything is from the toolbox.
  1. I’ll try to tone down the brightness.

  2. I’ll work on buffing some stages.

  3. I didn’t create the entire game using free models.

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tbh i like the bevels in the part they make them look clean

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The obby is really good but there’s some things u could make to do it better.

1º The obby isn’t hard, I dont play obby games since 2017 and I could speedrun it (it has only 1 or 2 hard stages).
2º The 75º stage forces u to play in first mode and some people may find that bad.
3º I think u should remove the character Collisions.

The game design is good and it has funny to play stages.

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stage #73 is impossible. i wrote the correct number ‘6’ then I wrote ‘7’ then I tried every number from 1 - 30 and still got it all wrong
remove the question stages!!!]

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  1. The obby will get harder as we progress through the Difficulty Chart.

  2. You don’t have to use first person on that stage.

  3. I already did that in a update.

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That question asks how many total difficulties are there in the obby.

Hint: Look at lobby.

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i already tried 15 before… it didn’t work. now it suddenly does?

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I think when you tried the first time you had a hashtag.

I feel like your spamming the question stages as room for stages, not that original.

First thing I notice is that you 100% used free models:
I also noticed you are missing out on mobile as you advise the use of shift lock which I think is only available on PC.

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Whats this?

It is the free model obby system he used:

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Makes sense. :slightly_frowning_face:

Because they are popular at the moment.

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shiftlock is avaiable on mobile too… and its not 100% free models… right?


Theres alot of problems with the obby.
For example, stage 75 forces you into first person. I personally don’t like first person, so that just might be me. I know lots of people don’t like using first person aswell, so that might be a stage you should redo.
Another issue is that it barely progresses in difficulty. I finished it in about 8 minutes, and I’m not that great at obbies. Many other difficulty charts progress faster than yours. I’d say so far its effortless-less easy.
The obby also uses alot of free models. Free model games aren’t that appealing to players on the website. Using free models makes your game look lazy, and not enough time and effort was put into the game at all.
Your game has many problems with it that needs to be fixed.

Shift lock is available on Mobile but you have to code it there is a link attached below