I created my very Own FNAF Game

Hello! I’ve recently been working on my very own Five Nights at Freddy’s game, titled Five Nights at Fredbears

It’s completely in beta on Roblox and you can play it here, all the assets are made by me and it’s completely my own fangame.

FNAF’s (Five Nights at Fredbear’s) Menu Screen / Start screen.

The Office / Night 1’s Office with Tutorial Text.

The Showstage with both characters on stage.

The Backstage camera with the Reset Breaker Feature (Stops power from shutting off.)

Now unlike Night 1 being a super easy night, this one is difficult to keep track of as all characters move off stage, and you also have to keep an eye on the fan and Breaker. It’s a lot of fun and it’s only in the demo state, if you’d like to request a feature of some sort for this game, please leave it in the comments.

all feedback is appreciated.

this is the game here; Five Nights at Fredbears - Roblox


Very well done, only issue I was able to find is that looking from the right side of the office to the left was a bit difficult (cursor kept getting stuck), overall though very nice!


This game looks very good! Nice job recreating Five Nights At Freddy’s! It looks just like it!

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Thank you !! Very appreciated :slight_smile:

Haha yeah! thank you, and yeaaa the office camera is a little odd, and i’m trying to work on a sort of fix for it

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