I currently am making a city for my game. Any advice or feedback?

I am currently making a map for a game where you can do parkour on top of buildings. Any advice or feedback on it? (This is one of the first cities I have made)

If anyone wants to play the game, here is the link: Untitled Parkour Experience - Roblox


It’s a nice city. You could add some texture to the ground/concrete so it looks more like a city. Like the fountain, the fountain has texture but the ground does not, I feel it would look better if you added some texture. Overall it’s a nice city.

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Thanks for the feedback! Do your think this looks a bit better? (I changed the material from concrete to slate)


Nice work but maybe try to add some benches around the fountain to give it a more peaceful look

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If you wanted you could add some street lights to add some decoration to the streets.

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