I did some music stuff, I guess

it’s been a while since i’ve posted on here, but I’ve been writing some music during that time so here’s a few I picked at random


This music is VERY good! Nice job on it!

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For the first piece, I really like the melodies and the use of harmonies in the other instruments. I do believe you can expand out from using the same melody over and over as well as experiment a bit more with different chords.

The second piece has a nice welcoming contrast with the piano and organ to start. My suggestions still stand with experimenting out from the same chords on it though. I think the guitar part repeats a tad bit too much from the opening to the next theme. Going back to theme A around 2:12 was nicely done.

The drums in the third piece are also a very welcome change in style. Varying chords in the different themes would add more life to the piece. Overall I do believe this piece could be worked out better as it seems to be a repeat of melodies, harmonies and chords throughout. There are some spots that will lend itself nicely to adding an entirely different theme with entirely new chords, maybe modulate to another key?

Overall each piece has its own distinct sound while staying to a similar genre. It was a pleasure to listen to them all!

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