I do not spawn at the correct area

Hello developers!

I am currently facing some irritating issues with Roblox.

Firstly, I continuously spawn in the ocean (not meant to). I am meant to spawn on top of the terrain. Above it. Let me show you a pic.

Next. I tried making CanCollide to true, changed the size, position (up and down). But still. Doesnt work.

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Please do help me!! Thanks!

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Check if the spawn location is in the correct place, I think that’s the problem.

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The spawn location is at the correct place. However there are 6 spawn locations. Could that be a problem?

Yes, maybe 1 spawn location is in the ocean.

Hi, ive checked and theres no spawn in the ocean. Could there be anymore errors? Or maybe a scripting issue?

My guess is that you have a spawn location embedded somewhere in a model that you are unaware of… to check, type “spawn” in your explorer like this, and make sure you only have the six that you are aware of:

If you don’t find any extra, the next thing I would do is make sure your six spawn areas are all anchored. If they are all anchored, the next step would be to make sure they are all parented directly to the workspace, that way another model they are in isn’t moving their location by script or otherwise that you are unaware of.

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Hi there, the spawn wouldn’t work if it was grouped to a model right?

Pretty sure I’ve had this bug before. For me, it was because of a specific GUI I had removed. It could very well be with the spawns though.

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yes it will still . . . . . . . . .

Hi, all these aren’t working still tho. Im still spawning in the middle of nowhere.

Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 10.52.37 PM

Also, if you have a script that used to point to a spawn location, and that spawn location doesn’t exist anymore and you don’t spawn from another location, it will just drop you into the world at the origin.

You can test this by deleting the spawn point in an empty baseplate… it just drops u slightly from sky at origin.

Ah… Maybe it might be this. Ill see if this works.

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I dont think this works. I have no script that used to point to any spawn location… But still anyway, thanks for your help!

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And all six spawns are “archivable” and “enabled”? And team “neutral”?


Oh. Team Neutral? Let me try enable that

It is defaulted on, but not sure what type of game u have and if you had teams and maybe changed the settings.

Ah yes. Thats the issue. Thank you very much for your help! Your post has been marked as solution!

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