I don't know how to get into 3d modeling

Hello! I’m amr i’ve been trying for 2 days how to get into 3d modeling but i just don’t know how. i’m looking to first learn how to make clothes/armour since thats the thing that i’m interested in actually. is there anyway i can get into modeling if anyone can add me on discord and teach me the basics if wanted i can pay robux for the information. tips are appreciated thank you for reading my post


Well I’m not a modeler or a builder, but I can give some advice that might help. Start small, armor sounds hard to do. Learn how to use blender and make sure to read all the directions, don’t just hop on and expect to made the coolest thing ever figuring out how to do it as you go along.

For clothes you can just draw something and upload it to Roblox id you mean for the catalog.


I’d definitely recommend getting Blender. It’s a free 3D modeling software that you can use to make and export models to use in roblox. I’m personally not the best teacher, but there’s tons of tutorials on YouTube that’ll help you get the basics of controls.

And, most importantly, start simple. Work up to the more detailed stuff. Learn how to make a shape, make a texture map for the the shape, and a texture if you want to add your own texture. Otherwise, you can just import the model as a .obj file and Roblox does the texture mapping for you and you can apply the basic colors and textures that Roblox provides.

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I can talk to you about the basics. If you contact me on Discord: FlashBuildingDEV#3202 I can give you a tutorial or something to start you off. You can see RoBuilder on YouTube and look for his tutorial for beginners. This may also help. For this you will need to install a free 3D modeling software called Blender which can be found at blender.org


I highly recommend using Blender as it is very easy to understand it pretty easily. If you want any tips, just contact me on discord Delostrous#4298 and I will try to add you as soon as possible

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Thank you so much for this offer! I sent a friend request!

I’ve never got into 3d modeling but i can give you some advice from my friend who does 3d modeling before so you need to use a software called blender you dont have to pay anything because its free and easy to use also you need to do start simple modeling and then you’ll work up to detailed stuff and add some texture as you go

Been a modeler for about a year and a half.
The first few days will be quite demotivating because you don’t know how things work. Just start small, make some small scale swords or other props, since they’re easy to do. Watch some Blender videos from Blender Guru, or Josh Gambrell (Best tutorial channel if you ever happen to buy the Hardops and Boxcutter add-ons)

Once you’re comfortable with the workings of Blender, start making something a little bigger, like a gun or a more detailed sword for example. Slowly climb up the ladder for modeling and start adding more details with every model.

Some models you do will be left undone, don’t be discouraged with that, I have more than a hundred models which I’ve started, and never finished because I couldn’t find any more inspiration for them.

If you want any one-on-one helping, you can add me on Discord (LadyTachyon 女王#7053)

Edit: If you happen to use any other modeling software than Blender, just search for tutorials for said modeling software, Blender is just the once I use, as it is very powerful and somewhat easy to get the hang of.

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