I don't know how to import the emission effect on ROBLOX

Hi everyone! I have tried making a UGC concept with the emission feature.

I don’t want to separate the models by sections just to give them specific materials and colours. Is there any other way to do this?

What I want in ROBLOX:

What I got:

Any help, please?
Thanks, Aki

Did you UV unwrap or use color in blender?

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Hello there, first of all you need to know how to create your own textures with UV Editing, as for the bloom effect i dont think there is a way to import that in Roblox, the only solution i can give you is to learn how to UV unwrap your Blender model and simulate glow effect with degrades.

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I used color in blender. (30words)

Ah, I’ll try that method! Thanks for taking your time to tell me! :smiley: