I dont know how to use terrain editor, this good?

Hi, Like I said a few days ago… Im making a roleplay game and im recently starting, but i have a problem…

Im a little experienced on building as you can see on my others posts BUT Im NOT
experienced on terrain editions…, what i can make for upgrade my skills on the terrain editor or what i can do for upgrade this?



thats a really nice map! continue doing great :slight_smile:

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Oh thanks!, I didn’t see it that way :open_mouth:

Try using the smooth tool, it’ll help smooth it out a little bit.


I would use some terrain plugins, there are plenty of meshing and part to terrain plugins and there are a ton of roblox plugins that would help you make terrain. I use plugins for advanced and smooth terrain mostly for some neat graphics for my games.

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I like it quite a bit… the only advuce I would give is to make it less blocky by using the flatten and smooth tools. also, where the terrain meets road, you could perhaps make the terrain sort of merge into it… what im saying is try not to make it such an abrupt halt

stay safe and happu halloween

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The grass looks a bit bright,Other than that looks great :smile:

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Hey! I am pretty good with the terrain editor. I’d suggest a few things:

  • Use the Smooth Tool.
  • On the hills you’ve made use the Grow Tool on it a little bit, make some of them different from each other.