I dont know if its better with cubes or without cubes

I dont know if its better with cubes or without cubes
11111111111111111111111111111111.PNG 333333333.PNG


For more a scientific and ‘future’ look I would go for cubes as without it looks pretty plain and boring as-well…


I think alongside the cubic design, you should look around for concept art and try include more varied shapes alongside them. Experiment further with a more “textured” design and try give the building more character.

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The build looks far more detailed with cubes as well as unique - I prefer the one with cubes far above the other


The building with the design of cubes looks here and there most ‘circular buildings’ have a similar approach your going for just with a more smooth appearance New york for example has these specific buildings it kind of looks of with the flat cubes added. If you plan on using them try adding variation into them, it’s usually depends on your preference if it’s good to you use them.

The circular building without the cubes doesn’t have a plain approach it looks fine to me. These buildings in the real world have a smooth look without including wall details, I’d just experiment with them.

If it fits the style or design you wish to achieve out of this why not use both options have a area with them attached and one without them and see how it looks.

nice doors also yes add the cubes

Don’t add the cubes if you ask me, it looks like a forgotten sci fi build

The squares look cool but to add even more detail to the square I’d make the cylinder behind them a darker color so it shows through a bit and adds depth.