I don't know what to add to my Survival Game!

Rundown: Hey, so basically I’m making this survival game that is in a winter scene, though I don’t know what to add from here on out, or I don’t know how to make it, in general I’ve been working in ROBLOX Studio for hours on end, working on terrain and lighting, but now, I don’t know what to add.

P.S Constructive Criticism is much appreciated, and if you desire, rate my game 1 out of 10! By the way, I’m new with this DevForum so I don’t know where to put the category, but I’m pretty sure it’s this.

Game: Eternal Winter - Roblox

~ Sincerely, JustMurp


Hey, the game looks great! The ambiance is really well done.

Some constructive feedback:

  • A tutorial would be nice. You join, but just see plain. Spawning the players near something interesting, with instructions, will help keep your audience.
  • Adding a toolbar/things to collect would give a reason for players to explore.
  • A health bar/a stamina bar/hunger bar would be good. Making players have to hunt/find food, find shelter, etc would give goals and excitement to the game.
  • A night cycle would be neat. Have players risk freezing to death if they don’t have a fire or shelter during night.
  • Adding NPCs/Villages/animals would be a good idea, to add more exploration to the game.

Overall, you have a neat concept. Right now, it lacks gameplay, but that will come with time. Best of luck!

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Thanks, for everything, all of this will be used without a doubt!

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You will have to keep posting updates, I am excited to see where the game goes :slight_smile:

If it’s a survival game specifically, then I think maybe you should make the game mechanics themselves similar to other popular survival games, like Rust or Stranded Deep. I don’t think I’ve seen or played a game on Roblox that’s similar to those games, so I think it could be pretty successful if you do it right!

Probably, when I get back from school of course, I’ll add some sort of map for myself to use and add trees!

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I actually intended to follow Rust’s footsteps, that game also inspired me to make a survival game on ROBLOX, believe it or not.

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Update! Just added Trees and will be adding more throughout the day! Also added Day and Night Cycle! :eyes:

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