I don't really know what to do. I kinda have two issues

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I wanna make like a decent roblox game with just scripting, i’m decent at scripting now and think I have enough knowledge to do it. since scripting is the most important skill i’m pretty sure I could make some games.

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Problem is I’m only good at scripting + a bit of UI design. I can’t think of any game ideas. And I think i’ve gotten to a point now that I don’t really feel like progressing, maybe burn out? I’m not sure.

I was never good at animating/modelling or any other skills, and I can’t be bothered to learn them. I know thats lazy but if anyone has any tips to get out of that habit please post them here.

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I took a bit of a break from dev and it did help me calm down, but I still don’t really know if I wanna progress.

I’ve been scripting for 9 months which is almost a year and I got to a good point but I don’t know what else to do. I feel like i’ve done everything there was to do even though I obviously haven’t.

Please somebody link me like anything else to do or learn for a scripter with the amount of experience I have.

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If you are basing a game off only scripting then I’m guessing it’s going to be entirely UI based.

Modelling is a skill that takes a bit of practice. If you’ve played with LEGO then you’ve got the basic ideas. Consider this LEGO with bricks that can be plaed inside other bricks at whatever angle you want. It doesn’t need to be done with 3D meshes, but even a bit of practice with that type of program can teach you a lot about it.
I’m pretty good in Studio, but I still learn something every time I experiment with it.

As far as UI based games, don’t full out try to make a top rated game the first time out. Experiment with a simple project that you know will work, something like a Minesweeper game. Learn from that experience.
Move on to something more difficult and challenge yourself. Along the way you may come up with a brilliant idea of what kind of game you want to make.

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I’ve been making notes on games I could make, just a quick question. Having a game with the same concept but not copying is allowed right? Like let’s say someone made a game called freeze tag, now I made it. Am I gonna be in trouble?

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For the models, just use parts, free models (though I wouldn’t recommend most free models) or terrain. Terrain is pretty easy, as long as you have good lighting.

For the game ideas, just play some of your favorite games, and make something kind of similar. I had a lot of fun playing deepwoken and rogue lineage, so now I’m making a similar game with permadeath mechanics and similar pvp.

I think this is a good idea, thinking of making something similiar to pass the bomb.

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