I don't see an application for Highlight.Adornee

In the example below, I used another object for the Adornee property on Highlight, however, I didn’t see any difference.

Could someone show how to use this property correctly in this case?

The renderer considers the Adornee or the Parent if the Adornee isn’t set. It won’t display on both. You would need two separate highlight Instances if you want both.

It wouldn’t make sense to change this because it would complicate the implementation significantly to have one Highlight instance mapping to multiple rendering bindings rather than the simple 1 to 1 mapping we have right now.

Thanks for the answer.
However, I tested setting the Highlight Parent as nil (or even setting it as ReplicatedStorage for example), and set only an Adornee object, as you said, and nothing changes:

I think the Highlight needs to be in the workspace for it to work.