I don't think Content Streaming enough for my game. Is there more I can do?

Hey developers! I am making a VR game with a large map with buildings that have quite a bit of detail (stuff like props) and physical objects (think pushable boxes and stuff) in them. This of course means I am going to need to enable StreamingEnabled and configure it.

However, I’m not sure if this alone will provide enough optimization for my game and with how many things are on it. Right now my map has around 12k parts and 55 million voxels and it is not even 5% done. I am aware I’m going to need to do quite a bit of optimization still (I’m expecting most of development to just BE optimization with just how demanding this game will be.) But I’m wondering if there is anything more I can do loading in the map from the client or server side to ensure a less demanding task for the client’s computer.

I am already fine with only having higher end CPUs in computers be able to play and I am certainly sure there is just no possible way I can make this compatible with the native Quest 2 Roblox app. The game in question is a open world physics based shooter so players need to be able to see other players and they’re gear from far away. (Stuff like snipers can see far away and magnify the detail.)

It’s evident this will be a game that will push the limits of the Roblox engine, but it is a challenge I would like to take part in. Almost any advice is good advice! Thanks for taking the time to read!