I don't understand warning in DevHub article

I’m learning WorldRoot functions and I stopped at BulkMoveTo(). I got it but there is a warning in the introduction with this information:

You should only use this function if you are sure that part movement is a bottleneck in your code, simply setting the CFrame property of the individual parts / welded models you want to move will be fast enough in the vast majority of cases.

I don’t know what that means.
What is “bottleneck”? I see this word first time and google translator don’t help.

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To describe what a bottleneck is, let’s use a PC as an example. Let’s say you’ve got the best CPU, an incredible graphics card and 64GBs of DDR5 ram (It isn’t important that you know the details, just that you know what they briefly are for this example.). However, if you have a motherboard from 2006, your PC will run badly, since it’s old technology and slow.

We would call this a bottleneck, as it’s the thing holding the device back from being better. Another example is if you have 5 construction workers and one of them is really lazy, they’d be the bottleneck of the team.

For your issue, the article is basically saying that if your part movement is the biggest issue in your code/ holding you back, do this. If your code, however, can be made more efficiently, then do so that way rather than using this method.

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