I dont want script with tools they are too complicated, or am I wrong?

Please take your time maybe this will be intresting for you too? :smiley:

Hello I dont want script with tools anymore, am I more safety with tool or dont I need tools?

First I wanna say I puplish this question once but a bit different because now I want to talk about special things.

I want make my tools here.
Or here:

So is that a well idea? or should I do somethingelse. I mean I saw a game of somoene and he used not tools (I think so)
In my opininon tools are really complicated compare to doing my own tool (I never created a tool without a tool) but anyways.

So what do I want create?
Actually in my game should be a sword system where you can get your sword and it will be everytime with you. So the sowrd is like your life.

But I dont want work with tools it seems like much harder than without.

So this is how it should look like

You are able to increase the skills of the sword so thats what I want to create.

So should I work witht tools because it will be much harder?
And am I still safety?

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I donโ€™t use tools either. I use the motor6d approach. For storing I actually have it so its a table in the server that the client can only get, from there the server replicates to their inventory. (sanity checks with checking the table on the server)


This was what I have been searching. Your method is really great