I encountered a very strange problem while developing TD games

I occasionally encounter situations where half of my body enters the opposite side when generating walking monsters or other NPCs. And the monster can still walk, but the path is already unpredictable. I intercepted a video here, which shows that the monster has not completed its move and is stuck. I have also encountered this issue before. After adjusting their HumanoId. height attribute, it rarely appears, but there is still a chance.

This has never appeared in Studio and only appears by chance after release. I’m not sure if anyone knows what caused this?

robloxapp-20230518-2336326.wmv (3.2 MB)

robloxapp-20230519-0013555.wmv (2.1 MB)

Encountered another time

Are you spawning the NPC at the ground Position, or 2 studs above the ground? If you spawn them in the ground there’s a chance they’ll get stuck like in your videos.

Thank you very much for your reply. I generated it at the position of the blue square. A reference was placed for comparison. Is this a bit low? I’ll try adjusting the height and see, thank you again.

It could be, depending on the CFrame Position of the NPC Model (not the Position of the HumanoidRootPart which it looks like you’ve selected with the Move tool).
If your Model CFrame is below the height of the blue Part then the NPC would spawn in partially inside the baseplate.