I finally finished my horror game

Hi, for the past couple months i have been working my first horror game. I made 3 updates overall (the first being the worst one, made out of screen gui), and i am happy with how it yurned out. It may not be good, but i tried. It will also may contain bugs. If so, you can reply to this.

I finally released the final version of my game (there will be bug fixes) and i am not going to update it too much.

I want your feedback on it, so i can make better horror games in the future.

You can rate it in the replies.

Game link


I cant join.


I have no idea what is causing this. Def not the game, i can join with no problems


It is because you are the one who made the game.


No other people had this issue, i tested it from a other account

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I like it. My only suggestions are to increase the pixels per stud count on the surface gui. I also found a bug where if you simply don’t turn around you end up with a black screen, so you might want to address that. Other than that, looks good!


Ye that isn’t a bug, tho i can change it so if i turn around the blackscreen will happen. But did anything happen after the black screen? I mean the subtitles and badge

I though when you said about turn around you meant to make it so if i turn around ot will play the blackscreen. Just tested the game and ye there is a bug. I will fix it tomorrow

I fixed it. Tho if it is still broken then tell me :PPP

I suggest trying to change browser of device…

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They changed it. I’ll play it later

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This is a pretty good game! At points, I thought I was playing Start Survey? There were some questions that were almost like it was copied and pasted from that other game but you did good with making it your own with the ending and checking under the bed, I rate it 9/10 good job :slight_smile:

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Ye it was kinda inspired, some of the questions. Some of them weren’t inspired but were similar. Thanks tho for playing and reminding me to add “Inspired by Start Survey” to description.

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I really like it. It’s very similar to the game “The Survey”. I wouldn’t be able to create something like that so in my opinion, its really good!

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Also i forgot to mention that it may have bugs in there :///

It is fully finished, u forgot to mention that, sorry for being late :confused: