I found a fix (They should really add a delete topic option)

Im trying to make is to were it gives you a pan via a remote
but it keeps having problems

LocalScript Inside the Button :

local ReplicatedStorage = game.ReplicatedStorage
local Event = ReplicatedStorage.PreLoadedRemote
local ScriptRequire = script.Parent.RequireSetup
local ScriptRequireEnd = script.Parent.ScriptRequireEnd
local Plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name
local FinishedScript = ScriptRequire..Plr..ScriptRequireEnd

And I have two String Values Inside the Button(The One the LocalScript is in)

  • RequireSetup

  • RequireSetup’s Value : require(4867145541).load("

  • ScriptRequireEnd

  • ScriptRequireEnd’s Value : ")

…But the Developer Console Keeps Saying

I don’t really see the Problem, Does anyone know how to fix this?

Im Trying to add a username to the require, but have the username be interchangeable.

So require(4867145541).load("…USERNAME…")

But because it uses " " In the string, I cant just do “require(4867145541).load(”"…USERNAME…"")"

Nvm, I found a fix. Sorry for wasting the time of anyone who viewed this…

Please, you shouldn’t mark yourself with solution, and, it was because you’re passing Plr object not a string

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I put
Im referencing the name which is a string

there is a delete topic option