I "found" a way to build a smooth bow and underside for boats

Behold one of the most well known boats on the planet… as far as cartoons boats go anyway! The boat-mobile from spongebob! Well almost, it still needs wheels, engine, and interior work before i set it up to drive and hopefully float as well!
You will notice the smooth bow i have created, after a few attempts, i took some wedges and winged it and it worked out!

a better method however is to lay a plate part down, and rotate them into a curve and make a starting “panel” to rotate around into a curve, ones these panels are laid out and curved all the way into the center where the “point” of the bow will be, i used resize align to fill all caps and used a mirror plugin to create the other halve. Resize align again to bring the bricks that form the point together, and use unioning to trim up the extra corners of the bricks that stick out, making a smooth surface.
The problem however is that the vary bottom of the boat is flat, which in this model is ok, but on a normal boat, im not shore how to get that proper form of a boat made down there. I haven’t attempted any work on this problem yet, but ill share if i find a way to build a fully finished pointed bottom bridge section.
i hope my example helps give you en idea on where to start on your new boat. You may pm me any questions or for more clarification on a step/s .


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